Hardware Engineering Intern


Angaza creates technology that allows businesses to offer life-changing products to anyone, anywhere.
Angaza designs its own Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) hardware solution, which allows manufacturers of off-grid emerging-market energy products to easily enable their products to be paid for in affordable installments over time. The hardware solution must be versatile enough to integrate with the great diversity of potential PAYG products, and be reliable enough to win the trust of consumers.


As a Hardware Engineering Intern, you will join the engineering team based out of San Francisco, working on optimizations and features related to the hardware platform. As IoT infrastructure matures worldwide, our offering must remain connected and secure, and we must strengthen its capabilities over time. This is a paid internship with a duration of approximately 12 weeks, depending on your availability.

  • Must have at least 1 year experience writing C
  • Must have experience using serial communication protocols, e.g., UART
  • Must know how to use basic electronics lab equipment (DMM, scope, power supplies, function generators)
  • Must know how to solder and perform board-level rework
  • Must have excellent technical communication and organizational skills
  • Should be able to design basic electronic circuits for test data gathering
  • Should be proficient in a schematic capture program (KiCAD preferred)
  • Bonus: experience with crypto, RF, low-power design, Linux


To apply, please follow the link below.