Energy Markets Manager


We chose the name Voltus because it represents the "potential of us" to better manage energy through simple, no-cost, no-risk energy management products that align collective interests. Our industrial and commercial customers generate cash by allowing us to be their energy expert, delivering innovative demand response, energy purchasing, and energy efficiency solutions to them. It's this simple: a customer signs up with Voltus and we deliver cash based on performance. Voltus makes money when our customer makes money by sharing the cash generated from working together. What's more, there are significant community benefits that accompany working with Voltus - a cleaner, more reliable energy future, and dollars invested back into your business instead of being wasted on a bigger energy bill. You could say that we're energy pragmatists in the sense that we believe that "simple, no-cost, no-risk" solves huge, global energy problems.


Voltus is hiring a whip-smart, entrepreneurial, proud energy nerd with an unparalleled understanding of energy markets and demand side management. This multi-faceted role is responsible for helping our customers profit from their involvement in energy markets. If you are bright, driven, good, intellectually curious and a strong teacher, and if your brain marries creativity and engineering diligence, you’re a great fit.
Key Requirements

  • Understand the role of demand side resources in energy markets
  • Evaluate new market entry
  • Understand utility tariffs and energy market regulations
  • Develop scalable, quantitative tools
  • Understand, define, and disseminate functional requirements from the market


To apply, please follow the link below. Position is titled, "Energy Markets Manager"

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